Crescent City Collectors

Case File #814
If Wishes Were Curses, Beggars Would Die

They didn’t know it, but the PCs ended up on audition after they were all summoned into a New Orleans post office under mysterious circumstances that left them—and the NOLA postal service—baffled.

A fortune cookie in a box simply read “Everything is not as it seems,” and on the back was a strange symbol and the Social Security numbers of all three of them.


While they were there, they learned a supervisor in the post office had just died from an accidental fall, must to the distress of a postal worker named Stanley Kotter.

The three unlikely allies ended up on a tour of New Orleans post offices to try and track down the cookie’s origins; meanwhile, the news reported a bizarre fight over a postman that resulted in two young men’s deaths. A little investigation revealed that, for a postman with no friends, Stanley’s gotten an awful lot of weird appreciation from the local thuggery.

And what’s that in the photos? Layne’s old witchy friend recognized a monkey-and-cock statue, but those good luck charms are all over New Orleans. She warns Layne there’s a lot of magic in New Orleans and the wiser thing is to run.

They try to talk to Stanley at his home, where he went after the trauma of the deaths. They find him depressed and distraught, but get the story that the statue simply appeared in his truck—and his wish for more respect from the lowlifes on his route came true in increasingly strange ways, and his wish for a promotion came at the cost of another life.

The trio did their best to help him, but it didn’t take much for his crumbling nerves to cause him to make a fatal mistake. He wished to undo everything, and when he clutched his head in horrified realization of what he’d done—he crumbled to dust.

A man named Larosa applauded the accidental investigators and swooped into scoop up the statue. He told them if they wanted a job, one could be on the table. Directions would be given in the same post office box that started the whole thing.

The door’s been opened into a world of cursed objects and a Twilight Zone reality. Will these three keep looking? Or get out while they can?

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