Integrity and Breaking Points

In God-Machine Chronicles, Morality is swapped out for Integrity. As the Integrity/Breaking Point system appears to be a modification of how Morality was altered for Hunter, the rules for Integrity can be used as written.

Each player needs to answer the following questions for their character (in their character bio, an adventure log, or even an e-mail) and determine five breaking points. I won’t be using the “Tells” from Hunter as these were intended as replacements for derangements and derangements appear to have become Conditions (which seems more fluid). If you guys like Tells, they can probably be incorporated as alternatives to the “Madness” Condition.

What is the worst thing the character has ever done?
It doesn’t have to be villainous. It just has to be something that made the character hate himself. Choose a breaking point based on your response.

What is the worst thing the character can imagine himself doing?
What can your character reasonably see himself doing, but still know it is wrong? Choose a breaking point based on that response.

What is the worst thing your character can imagine someone else doing?
What is the character’s top atrocity? Or, if the character has led a sheltered existence, perhaps the “worst” is some lofty notion like betrayal or dishonor. Choose a breaking point based on the response to what the character imagines as the most horrible thing.

What has the character forgotten?
In the World of Darkness, everyone’s seen something they wish they could forget—or they literally forget. What brush with the supernatural did your character witness—a breaking point that already happened? Something they might not even remember anymore? Choose a breaking point based on the amount of freaky paranormal crap the character’s brain has already had to process.

What is the most traumatic thing that ever happened to the character?
Set a bar for trauma and determine a breaking point based on what might exceed that bar.

Look through the God-Machine Chronicles under “Breaking Points” in the rules revisions for some examples.

Integrity and Breaking Points

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